JT Foxx “Relational Capital since 2014″

JT Foxx Relational Capital since 2014

Hi, my name is Veronica Sosa and I am the Founder and CEO of BusinessFit Magazine, of S.H.E. Seminar for Hispanics Entrepreneurs in Europe, an International Speaker, a published Author and  mother of Laura (9yrs old). 

I would love to dedicate this to my coach and friend JT Foxx.  For the skeptical and non-skeptical ones, here I go!


In October 2014,  I was in Sweden visiting my brother and he had found out about a seminar in Copenhagen all about Marketing and Branding.

At that time I was doing my Masters in that subject so we decide to go from Malmö. The date was the 18th of October 2014.



At that specific moment in my life it felt like I was driving on a busy highway where some people drive really fast in their luxury cars, some people might drive slow in their average cars and some are just parked on the side of the road in the emergency lane, waiting to be rescued by someone or something. I was one of those who thought I needed to be rescued.

At the seminar we were sitting like many others waiting to listen to JT Foxx.  It was a day full of emotions and I was amazed at how he could awake so many different emotions in people: empathy, rejection, laughter, hate, love and many others, but in me he awoke the hunger of living a different life; a life full of potential. I wanted to start growing, studying and sharing with others to leave a legacy and I asked myself why not?

I saw myself reflected in him, but my fear and my limiting beliefs stopped me at that time. I told myself that my background was not strong enough …being an immigrant who started working behind a bar and then working in what I have always loved and studied, Marketing and Publicity. I remember my old days in Spain working for two great companies, even though I had grown, I felt like it was not for me and that I was not good enough to lead people to have better communication skills or to have profitable businesses through RRHH.

So a couple of  months later I jumped out of the airplane and became part of the family as the 1st speaker-training student. It happened in Amsterdam. I remember very well when JT said to me "You will become the best Spanish-speaking speaker in the EU".

Do not get me wrong that was the most scary thing that I remember doing in my life but I made the decision and I trusted my coach. I started on that rollercoaster and difficult process of growth and learning and I was focused on achieving success. It was like going to the gym -  everyone wants to be healthy , everyone would like to look good but just a few are willing to commit to the effort that it takes to be fit, so it was a combination of having my Business Fit or my life fit so I could have a profitable business and help others through my experience. So the great journey began; preparations, failure, tears, and joy! 

I got the opportunity to speak in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, United States, Holland, England, France and Cyprus; not only at his events supporting him and exposing my brand too, but thanks to this exposure even more doors opened and that's why I am looking forward to expanding my business in Latin America as well.

This journey has had many ups and downs and at any time I needed guidance, I could reach out to JT or his coaches for support.

The human capital that resides within his network is extraordinary. I had the opportunity to create excellent joint ventures and develop my business models Business Fit that is a platform of visibility and S.H.E that is a platform for women speakers in Europe out of connections made and relationships built from exposure to this network of people.

I even got to meet Vanilla Ice and interview him at JT's home in the USA:

The opportunity to meet John Travolta, Calvin Klein, 50 Cent and Randy Zuckerberg arose out of my association with JT and his team as well as getting  access to JT's Coaches Nido Qubein, George Ross,  and Hugh Hilton. This has given me the power to grow, learn and surround myself with people that want to give their best and have the best. That's why I have attended almost all his courses and I will always recommend him to others. 

Nido Qubein & JT Foxx.

With Randy Zuckerberg.

JTFoxx & 50 Cent.

With Calvin Klein.

With George Ross


I could write a book about JT and how thankful I am to him and his staff . Here I will share just some of the tips that I have learned so you can start moving toward success as I did and these still work every single day since that first day.

Be Yourself  (Everyone else is taken)


Find out your talent, your mission in life, enjoy the ride and work for it!!!

Grow, expand, learn, teach… Just shine and fly high!

You will find that equilibrium between your mindset, body and your spiritual side that will lead you to abundance.

Create Excellent Relations (please do)


“Who you surround with is who you become”

“Your Network is your Net Worth”

To me and  Jt´s organization, building Relational Capital is as important as putting money in the bank.

The quality of creating sustainable team work that together will achieve excellent results are hallmarks of this kind of environment of personal growth. . Surround yourself with like minded people.

Here are some values, skills and abilities that you have to have:

Loyalty and trust, to me, are the most important ones and by adding emotional resilience, great communication skills, I am naming some of the most important ingredients. Do not forget to include  guidance as with  this powerful mix you will be able to create successful team work and make your company grow.

Be Coachable (We all are in learning mode)

Be humble and be able to see your weaknesses and be able to learn from failures. Admit that we all are in learning mode. That's why its recommended to have a coach or many coaches, just like JT Foxx does, so that they can help you along your entrepreneurship path.

If you are thinking that you want to change your life because you deserve better then the time is now and remember - everything starts within you. There are coaches who can help you out and grab you by your hand right here, congratulate you or tell you off, if its needed.

JT Foxx was the person who made me want to grow and achieve my goals, he believed in me when I could not see it clearly, when I was full of doubts, when I had the gut feeling and something inside me  pushed me forward -  he was there.

Remember: It is only you who can reach your higher potential! But with the right team, together with a group of people who can really support you,  you have to invest in yourself and only then you will have the chance to achieve everything you dreamed about; you just have to take ACTION and get better every day.


“IF I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

JT, thank you so much.

Know more about him: http://millionaireunderdog.com/